Find Candidates in Facebook Groups

Seja social. Se você quer recrutar e cadastrar prospectos pelo Facebook essa é a dica.

Postado por Fabricio em 22 de novembro de 2016
Ray Howard, Tech Talent South
Ray Howard, Tech Talent South
Ray Howard works with Tech Talent South, a company that teaches coding in both part-time and immersion programs. He recommends drilling down into what your ideal candidate looks like, and then frequenting Facebook groups where your future students or employees might be. This can be a great way to have more direct interactions, and to withstand Facebook’s ever-changing treatment of business pages in user news feeds.
We’ve used Facebook to help recruit students for our code immersion programs. One way we utilize Facebook is to search for local groups—whether they’re interested in technology, are entrepreneurs, or are moms who want to learn something new. Once we’ve found a new group, we join and start a discussion about coding: how empowering it can be, and what an in-demand skillset it’s become. From what I’ve found, as long as you’re friendly and your posts read more like a person and less like a spambot, the more likely people are to read them and respond. In my experience, it’s a great way to recruit and drive interest in your business.—Ray Howard, Tech Talent South
Howard uses Facebook groups for lead gen, but this strategy is just as effective for talent recruitment. It’s a great way to engage passive candidates who scroll past job listings without a second thought.
Find Quality and Quantity on Facebook
With an unparalleled amount of users, the demographic and interest details that you need, and a built-in background check of sorts, Facebook just may be the place to find who you need. From posting to sharing to discussing, there are a variety of effective ways to engage your next best employee.

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