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MLM closing doesn’t need to be scary or uncomfortable

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“MLM closing doesn’t need to be scary or uncomfortable, if you will learn this process and practice just a little, you’ll find your results will improve dramatically”

Once you’ve shown a prospect your opportunity presentation, whether that’s an online video, or a traditional offline meeting, being able to follow up with them effectively and close them is one of the most valuable skills to develop as a Network Marketer.

If you can’t lead your prospect into making a final decision to get started with the opportunity, then it doesn’t matter how many leads your generate, or how many people you speak to, you’re not going to be making the type of income that you could be.

Of course the follow up can be done over the phone (still the most effective method), via social media, or even email, but no matter what means of follow up you chose… having an effective, proven strategy, in place is an essential component to your recruiting success. One of the great masters of Network Marketing closing, Eric Worre, has a 4 question follow up process which has helped him earn millions in the MLM industry and it’s a closing process which anyone can follow.

A true million dollar MLM closing technique from Eric Worre…

Network Marketing: 4 Question Closing Technique

Immediately after your prospect has seen the opportunity presentation ask: “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being you have zero interest and 10 being you are ready to get started right now, where are you?”. If it is anything above a 6 then follow up with these 4 MLM closing questions…

1. Based on what you’ve just seen, if you were to get started with this company on a part-time basis, approximately how much would you need to earn per month in order to make this worth your time?

2. Approximately how many hours could you commit each week to develop that kind of income?

3. How many months would you work those kind of hours in order to get to that income?

4. If I could show you how to develop an income of (their answer) per month, working (their answer) hours a week over the course of (their answer) months, would you be ready to get started?

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